Why Women Need Organic Herbal Medicine For Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is an important aspect of a woman’s wellbeing. The female genitalia is a complex system and requires a lot of attention. A lot of women ignore their female parts due to ignorance or poor education. However, just like any part of your body, you need to note changes in your genitalia as well as symptoms that can point to an underlying issue.

Even though a lot of conditions affect women’s sexual health, we will be looking at some of the most common ones. We will also be looking at how organic herbal medicine can help ease these problems. So keep reading to learn more about how you can improve your sex life the natural way.

One of the most common yet painful condition that affects many women in vaginal dryness. Majority of women have experienced this at some point in their lives. The female vagina produces vagina fluid that helps to soften the walls of the vagina and prevent friction during sex. However, certain medications, hormonal imbalance etc. can decrease this fluid. When this happens, the vagina feels dry and tight. The result of this is that intercourse becomes painful. This is because there is not enough lubrication to reduce friction and this can hurt both partners during sex.

When dryness continues for longer periods, the vaginal tissues become sensitive and irritation can occur. To fix this, you need something gentle yet effective like organic herbal medicine. This kind of product helps the body to produce more fluid. This helps to keep the vagina moist and sex is no longer painful. So if you suffer from constant dryness, then do try this treatment option.

Another problem that women suffer from is low libido. In simple terms, low libido is the condition in which women have no sex drive. They may not feel like having sex and it becomes difficult for their partners to arouse them. For such women, it is very tough to stay in an intimate relationship. This is because when they stay away from sex, their partners might sense this a distance between them. If this continues for a long time, then their relationship is affected negatively.

Even though there are a lot of medicines that claim to boost libido, many of them have side effects. These side effects can make these medicines unsuitable for some women. For this reason, is better to go for something natural without any side effects. Organic herbal medicine has no side effect risk. Also, this product is a natural aphrodisiac that increases sex drive in a safe way. With regular use, women will begin to notice an improvement in their sex drive. This will help them start more intimate moments and this can improve their sex life.

Another sexual issue women face is weak orgasms. Due to childbirth or other factors, women’s pelvic muscles can weaken. When the pelvic muscles no longer stretch well, then this can lead to poor orgasms. Apart from this, some women do not orgasm as much as they want to even though when they have no pelvic problems.

No matter what the reason is, organic herbal medicine can help. These medicines help to tone the pelvic muscles as well as strengthen the vaginal tissues. This allows women to experience better orgasms more often. When this happens, women are able to enjoy climax during sex and this can give them a feeling of satisfaction.

As you can see. organic herbal medicine is a great treatment option for women. Not only are these medicines safe but they are also effective at the same time. This makes them a great choice for all women everywhere.

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Are Fertility Drugs Safe To Use?

If you have gone through the anxiety of finding out that you may have fertility issues then you’ve probably had a few lengthy discussions with your doctor. It’s not easy to find out that there may be a stumbling block on your road to parenthood. Your doctor will then give you various solutions that could combat your infertility, and one of those solutions may be fertility drugs.

There are so many options available when it comes to medication in general. So, of course, there would be options available in terms of treating infertility. It does depend on the diagnosis though. Ovulation induction medication is referred to as fertility drugs. It would be prescribed in the case where a woman may have an irregular menstrual cycle and thus has difficulty to conceive. The ovulation induction medication would be used to stimulate the follicles in the ovaries in order to produce multiple eggs in one cycle. The medication would also control when the eggs are released, i.e. when ovulation occurs, so that sexual intercourse can be scheduled. As the timing of ovulation can be determined, it also enables the doctor to schedule in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination procedures for the best chances of pregnancy. A woman who takes fertility drugs, usually via injections, is monitored regularly by ultrasound scans and hormone assessments to check that everything is going according to plan.

However, there are certain risks that are associated with fertility drugs and it would depend on each individual what the symptoms may be. One of the risks is an increase in the chance of multiple births. That means that you may conceive triplets or quadruplets, or more. Another risk includes the development of ovarian cysts. The next side effect is quite rare but could occur and that is ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS). The symptoms include severe pain in the pelvis, abdomen and chest. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight gain and difficulty with breathing.

Your fertility doctor will discuss your diagnosis with you as well as the prognosis. Along with this discussion, the side effects and the risks of the course of treatment will also be mentioned. The fertility doctor will then ask you if you wish to proceed with the course of treatment, as the choice lies with you. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain at all, you can seek a second opinion or decline the course of treatment and consider other options. Remember that it is always advisable to seek professional advice on any medical matter.

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Top 5 Exercises To Get Perky & Attractive Breasts

No matter what’s the size of your breasts, every woman wishes that they have nice and perky breasts. Every woman desires to have ideal size and shape for their bosom. On the other hand, how do men with breasts feel? Very bad! Gynecomastia is a health problem in which men develop breast like tissues in their body. However, with gynecomastia treatment, men can easily get rid of this problem.

Coming back on women’s breasts, we all know that it’s a dream of every woman to have a seductive body. A good shaped bosom can help women to achieve their dreams of owning a desirable body.

Here are top easy exercises that will make your perky and attractive.

1. The T-Plank

Use 5 kg (or less) weights as handles, and get into a push-up position, stretch your legs wider than hip width to acquire better stability. Hold the weight up and lift the right arm, then fully open your body in the right direction to make a shape of ‘T’. Then do the same thing with your left side, after returning to the starting point. Repeat!

2. The Pec Pushup

Press your spine down the ground by lying on your back and then pull in abs tightly. Pick up 5 kg (or less) weights in both hands and extend your arms upwards. Keep the palms towards your face and elbows stuck to your sides. First, inhale while lowering the weight down and exhale while pressing up. Repeat!

3. The C-Sweep

Hold the weights above your forehead after lying down on the ground. With your palms facing upwards, draw an imaginary ‘C’ in the air. While doing this, keep your arms low and move them towards the hips. Get back to the starting position by keeping your palms up. Do at least 20 repetitions of this exercise.

4. The Chest Fly

Keep your feet flat and knees bent after lying down on the floor. With a slight bend in the elbows, start with raising your arms up. Then inhale while opening the arms wide just like you open arms to give someone a hug and then bring in your arms, stopping them above the chest. Bring your arms back to a starting position and exhale. Do 25 repetitions of this exercise.

5. The Elbow Squeeze

Stay in standing position and bring weights to the eye level. Press the weight together, and then bring your elbows in and out, make sure that weights maintain the eye level. Repeat!

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Five Types of Urinary Incontinence: Is the One You Have Treatable?

It’s not exactly dinner conversation, but urinary incontinence is a serious matter and disrupts millions of lives – both women and men. It can make you not want to go out because you’re always looking for a bathroom. It disrupts sleep, causes skin irritations and even falls from rushing to the bathroom. Find out if the kind you have is treatable.

1. URGE INCONTINENCE: you have this if you have involuntary large leaks at unexpected times, including sleep. You also have a strong urgency to void. This can be treated naturally, providing you don’t have a neurological condition like dementia, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries.

2. STRESS INCONTINENCE: if you leak small amounts of urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or jump you have stress incontinence. (Very treatable without drugs or surgery provided you don’t have a neurological condition as mentioned above). The most common causes are:

• Weak pelvic floor musculature.
• Pregnancy

3. MIXED INCONTINENCE: if you have a combination of urge and stress you have mixed incontinence.

Most common causes are:
• Disuse atrophy of the uro-genital anatomy (weak pelvic floor muscles).
• Sedentary lifestyle.
• Non specific engagement of muscle innervation. (Not doing specific exercises correctly for this area). This is highly treatable without drugs or surgery.

4. OVERFLOW INCONTINENCE: Sudden leaking because of a full bladder. This happens without physical movement. Causes are:

• Fecal Impaction – dry stool that cannot pass out of the body. Caution – this can cause death so see your doctor immediately if you suspect this!

• Weak Detrusor Muscle: ( A muscle that forms the wall of the bladder). Highly treatable with at home natural methods!

5. FUNCTIONAL INCONTINENCE: Leakage due to inability to reach a toilet because of physical disabilities and/or dementia and traumatic brain injuries. This type is not treatable. When a patient has functional incontinence, they are the ones who need adult diapers and pads.

One of the unknown risks of urinary incontinence is falls from rushing to the bathroom and or falling on urine leaks. According to Pub Med, “Urinary frequency, nocturia, and rushing to the bathroom to avoid urge incontinent episodes most likely increase the risk of falling, which then results in fractures. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of urge incontinence may decrease the risk of fracture.”

As a rehab clinician I always urge my patients to seek immediate treatment because the complications from urinary incontinence can result in life threatening injuries.

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Waxing Or Shaving, Which Is Better?

The debate between waxing and shaving is one that will probably not end any time soon, with two distinct camps each defending their position of choice. Both procedures remove unwanted body hair, but they accomplish it in very different ways and show very different results. Waxing is the process of removing hair from the body by the root, by spreading warm wax onto the skin and allowing it to harden, followed by quickly pulling the hair which has been trapped by the wax out of the skin. Due to the fact that the hair is being pulled out with the root attached, you are actually removing hair below the surface and as a result will maintain a smoother appearance for a longer period of time. Shaving is the process of cutting the hair with a razor at the skin’s surface. Because modern razors have the ability to slightly raise the hair before cutting it, you will gain the appearance of a smooth body even though the hair is just below the surface. Naturally, you will need to shave far more often than you need to way, but there are other distinct advantages to waxing over shaving as well. Although there is pain involved in waxing that is not involved in shaving, many people choose to endure the pain due to the benefits they receive.

Waxing reduces the number of ingrown hairs that are produced by hair being trapped below the skin surface and continuing to grow. This situation is caused by the blunted end of shaved hair not being able to push through the skin in the areas where it once did. The hair becomes trapped and grows underneath the skin, creating an infected area. The only way to stop this process is by breaking the hair free from the skin surface. This process is painful and unsightly, and is far more rare in waxing situations due to the hair growing with a more natural shape and in a natural path. Repeatedly waxed hair is also softer than shaved hair, as each instance of waxing creates a weaker root.

Waxing is also less hard on the skin than shaving. Aside from the obvious cuts that happen when shaving with a razor blade, shaving also removes the very top layer of skin cells, producing irritation. Waxing, if done professionally, will generally produce little to no irritation to the skin while still removing the hair.

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